Master 2 in Business Management

Business Management and Administration degree and Master 2 in Business Management and Administration

In partnership with the Savoy Mont-Blanc Institute of Business Administration (IAE) of the University of Savoy, HEC Executive Education at the Faculty of Economic and Social Science of the University of Geneva offers Master 2 level executive education degree courses in Management, a degree recognized by the Bologna Process.

Faced with an increasingly intense competitive environment, businesses which overcome the odds and enjoy long-term development have all put the development of their human capital at the heart of their strategy.

This general degree programme includes two options and has two key objectives:

Option 1 : Advanced Business Management

  • to provide qualified adults, either in work or temporarily unemployed, with a second string to their bow in the field of management, complementing their first degree and opening up new double degree opportunities.
  • to consolidate their professional experience through the acquisition of the tools and knowledge needed to take on new responsibilities
  • to acquire new:
  1. business management methods and techniques
  2. business analysis methods and national and international strategic choices
  3. key finance techniques and management tools
  4. managerial skills in marketing and human resources

Option 2 : Business Project Management

  •  to provide the students with the tools and methods specific to project management assignments and positions
  • to help managers who wish to lead a project and to drive, rather than be driven by, the inevitable changes and evolutions in their teams and organisation
  • to acquire knowledge and tools that cover all the different aspects of a project (risk management, negotiation…) over and above the basic methods and skills needed by all project managers