Geneva GSEM

Providing comprehensive academic education

From the Bachelor’s degree to the Doctorate, via the Masters, Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) provides comprehensive university education covering all areas of management and business administration. Its degree programmes are divided into two successive cycles: the Bachelor’s over three years, followed by the Master’s over three or four semesters. The first provides a general, multidisciplinary training whilst the second enables a specialisation to be obtained in a particular discipline.

In addition to the Bachelor’s degree in business administration, GSEM offers five Masters with various specialisations. Thus, students can expand their knowledge in the disciplines of management (international management or marketing), accounting and control, finance, statistics and international trading.

Compatible with the university systems of 45 European countries, these programmes incorporate the latest academic developments, taking account of economic realities and of the expectations of professional environments.

Offering continuing education

With two MBAs and some twenty executive programmes, GSEM Geneva offers a wide range of continuous education courses enabling any professional to enhance his/her skills in the various fields of management and business administration.

Executive programmes are the fruit of close collaboration between the academic and professional spheres. The diversity of the parties involved, who are drawn both from the University and from different business sectors, enables a high level of expertise to be achieved and the programmes to be tailored to market requirements.

To maintain a research centre

Research constitutes a core activity of GSEM. It covers all areas of management, and results each year in the publication of numerous works, articles, contributions to collective programmes and papers for scientific conferences.

Research projects undertaken at GSEM have the benefit of substantial financial grants from the FNRS, NCCR FinRisk, the Swiss Finance Institute, the CNRS and various international bodies.

The professors also provide academic continuity through their supervision of doctoral theses, of which there are currently over forty.

To encourage student mobility

In keeping with the spirit of the Bologna agreements, GSEM encourages student mobility and inter-university cooperation. By virtue of the special relationships it enjoys with other universities throughout the world, the Faculty is continually expanding the range of possible exchanges available to students.

The GSEM exchange programmes offer students a unique opportunity to undertake part of their course at a partner institution, in Switzerland or abroad. Such stays constitute a vital training stage for students aspiring to a career with an international dimension. They also provide the opportunity to discover a different culture, to develop knowledge of a foreign language, to experience different teaching methods and, sometimes, to acquire a specialization not provided by their programme.